Mr. and Ms. Chattanooga Oktoberfest Contest

2018 Mr. and Ms. Chattanooga Oktoberfest Crowning

Saturday, October 13th, 6:30 pm -7:00 pm Join us at the Front Stage!

Put on your dirndls and leiderhosen and join in this beer drinking, chicken dancing party on the front festival patio, complete with live Oompah music and entertainment from our party host, Jason Walker from HITS 96 !

Mr. & Ms. Chattanooga Oktoberfest entrants should report to the front stage (Carter Street)  by 6:30 pm when the patio party starts! We’ll have you parade before our live audience who will decide the winners by popular applause- our emcees will have final voting rights and declare the 2017 Mr. & Ms. Chattanooga Oktoberfest! Party with us until 8pm Saturday night.




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